Our Story

Our journey begins with friendship…

We were introduced to each other as babies - our parents were (and still are!) best friends. Sleepovers, birthday parties and graduations; breakups and make ups – we’ve been through it all. Like all girls, while growing up, we were captivated by our mothers’ vast collection of exotic beauty products, it was an eclectic mix; store bought makeup to artisan creams and toners inspired by our heritage from, what seemed like then, faraway lands. We would whisk away into forbidden cupboards, trying on creams, concealers, mascaras or whatever else we could sneak passed their watchful eyes. We made a lot of mess in the process although, admittedly, not nearly as much as we do now!

Fast forward a few years (ok maybe a decade or two) and we began to realise why our darling mothers had always relied on natural remedies to maintain their youthful glow. Numerous skin problems, from eczema and photosensitivity to acne and everything in between left us exasperated. Over the counter, heavily marketed beauty products, as well as potent prescriptions from doctors promised the world, but delivered so little.

Stuck in a bit of a skin rut – and sick of expensive beauty products – we harnessed our creative energies to create natural products for our own personal use.

Submerged in research, botanical extracts, natural bases, butters and essential oils, we learned that nature, when harnessed correctly, offered effective alternatives. Abandoning chemical laden, mass produced toiletries and cosmetics, years were spent making and perfecting recipes. Our kitchens and bathrooms became veritable alchemists’ dens; scents of lavender and rosemary filled the house - and irritated our husbands. Eventually a myriad of soaps, creams and shampoos were created – some good, others not so good.


soapNskin is born...

Wanting to share the benefits of nature with everyone, the best products were chosen and Samar hit the road, frequenting market stalls and road shows. The feedback from Portbello Road to Camden Market was immensely positive. The public loved the divinely scented and completely natural soaps, body washes, shampoos and creams. The passion was gaining momentum.

Years went by, recipes were continuously tweaked, and ‘qualifications’ were sought. Our fan base increased steadily, and the passion for nature to nurture the skin never abated.


Our Promise…

soapNskin has been born out of a need, gaining momentum because of a passion.

Our products are created by hand in micro batches in our very own kitchens. We use nature as our base, and build on that. Blending essential oils and botanical extracts to create fragrantly scented products that showcase Mother Nature in her glory, and which really benefit the skin. Of course some of our products have to contain preservatives to increase longevity, but these are all carefully selected and are derived from natural means. 

We don’t want to mass produce and we don’t want to flood the shelves of supermarkets with our products. In doing so, we would lose the essence of what we stand for. For us it’s about sharing what we love, and what has made a positive change in our lives with others.

It’s about natural products, crafted and bottled by hand with love and an attention to detail. Products that are  available to anyone who wants to make a positive change to what they put on their skin, and banish the use unnecessary harsh chemicals.

We know it sounds like a cliché, and we know a lot of people will say that we can’t be both luxurious and affordable, but we are striving to change their minds.

We really are about affordable luxury…

We are soapNskin


With Love

Samar & Rabia

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