soapNskin has a unique story, inspired by friendship and heritage and underpinned by the eclectic nature of being truly British. soapNskin was founded on a yearning to empower women to change the way they see beauty.

We wanted to combine a celebration of the multi-cultural society we live in with the desire to produce natural solutions to the challenges faced by our skin. Our journey was originally inspired by the wisdom and traditional ingredients from cultures along the ancient silk roads.

By combining family secrets from generations of revered beauty practices with the best of British producers, we wanted to create a unique collection of luxurious products for all to treasure.

soapnskin - Rabia and Samar

As we became the modern reincarnation of alchemists, working with botanical extracts, natural bases, plant butters and essential oils, we learned that nature, when harnessed correctly, offers compelling alternatives.

Taking our inspiration from the mystical Silk Roads of the East, we have devoted time and love conversing with guardians of these ancient recipes to bring their age old treasures into the modern world. Abandoning synthetic chemical laden, mass produced cosmetics, we spent years making and perfecting our formulations. 

Whilst we have moved on from the early days of mixology, our journey has not strayed from our original ideals which underpin the brand. Fast forward to today and our products are still created by hand in micro batches in our London Studio. Blending essential oils and botanical extracts to create fragrantly scented products that showcase Mother Nature in all her glory and which really benefit the skin.

Every product is hand-bottled on demand, staying true to traditions, maintaining uncompromising freshness and quality control and fostering relationships with local suppliers as well as the environment. As well as our support of British producers and suppliers, we continue to be fully committed to making a real impact in the communities where our products are sourced.

We look to local, sustainable and independent producers and manufacturers, because what we put into our products is just as important as what we leave out. We believe the highest quality ingredients create the best performing products.

soapNskin is more than a name – it is a passion. A passion for harvesting the best nature has to offer to create an all-natural, sensory experience for your skin which will impact your complete well-being. Our story has just begun, and we can’t wait to take you with us on a breath-taking journey of discovery that will awaken your mind, body & soul.





All of our products are handmade in micro batches in our London based studio.

As a brand that values the importance of supporting our own economy, we make a conscious effort to support our fellow British businesses by sourcing all of our packaging from local suppliers and manufacturers.



We use only non-toxic, naturally derived ingredients in our formulations; selected for their potency and efficacy and sourced responsibly. Our products are free from synthetic colours, fragrances and preservatives.


We don’t, and never will, test any of our products or ingredients on animals and have made the conscious decision to never sell our products in countries where animal testing is required by law. However, some of our ingredients are a derived from animal by-products (honey & beeswax) but have sourced these from suppliers who are committed to the welfare of the bees in their care.


As a brand founded by two women, we feel passionate about advocating gender equality and empowering women across the globe. Our single origin, organic argan oil is hand pressed by over 600 Berber women who receive a fair wage as well as free child and healthcare for the children in their care.

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