Our Ethos

Alongside the use of pure and natural ingredients, central to the soapNskin ethos is to contribute positively to society. We try and vary it throughout the year and support different initiatives both locally and globally.

Being a brand founded and run by two mothers, empowering women is something dear to our hearts! After a long journey searching for the perfect argan oil supplier - we were ecstatic when we discovered a supplier who's ethos matched our own. The Argan Oil that we use in all of our products is not only Soil Association Certified Organic, but also fully traceable and of single origin. Our supplier is dedicated to look after the 600 Berber women that is employ's to hand mill their Argan Oil. They not only offer them a fair wage, but also provide FREE creche facilities and free education in a classroom environment for the children who's mothers work on the farm.

In addition, we've pledged a percentage of the profits from the sale of our Argan & Orange Blossom Elixir back into the communities who help mill its main ingredient. We've partnered with a British based beautician who travels to Agadir yearly offering free therapies to women from smaller Moroccan communities.

Many of the women are the bread winners for their families and undertake intensive manual labour. Having your eyebrows done or receiving a simple facial can work wonders in helping to increasing someone's self worth and self esteem. Our pledge will help to bring these simple luxuries into their villages for free!

During Breast Cancer Awareness month, every October we take great pride in having the opportunity to partner with Against Breast Cancer, a charity dedicated to funding research to improve detection, treatment and increase survival after breast cancer diagnosis here in Britain. We pledge 5% of ALL our online sales to this phenomenal charity for the month. We truly believe that together we can make a difference, help us to raise awareness and show your support by donating directly to the charity or by placing an order with us in Ocotber. The more you buy, the more we can donate!

Empowering women and helping to fight cancer are not the only thing that we are passionate about (alongside pure and natural beauty products for your skin!) We really feel a sense of responsibility towards our home, Britain. We feel that by using local businesses, we can support the British economy and help it flourish.

We are lucky to have developed a fabulous relationship with some Great British producers.

We are particularly excited about working with Made by Bees. The soft-set organic honey and golden beeswax that we use in our products is sourced directly from this independent beekeeper in Nottinghamshire. In addition to only keeping native British Bees, they handle their bees in a non-commercial manner, and invest heavily in their apiary. Their primary concern is the welfare of the bees in their care, the honey and beeswax produced are by products and they are careful to never over harvest. They take great pride in the fact that their bees can forage for up to 8km and have access to the not only Sherwood Forest, but The Major Oak, Clumber Park, Thoresby Gardens and Walesby Scout Camp along the River Maun. A truly sweet spot for any apiary!

We have done our best to source our packaging from within the UK, with the aim to make an effective contribution towards the British economy. Everything that we use, from our elegant gift boxes, that are made from recycled board to our recyclable bottles and bags; are all sourced from the UK and Ireland.

We find that you don’t always have to invest money to make a worthwhile contribution to society. Sharing your time and knowledge is just as fruitful, and helps build personal relationships. In fact our co-founder, Samar has dedicated her time and knowledge by working closely with a local youth centre in Fulham. In this environment, she is able to work with London youth, giving them an insight into natural alternatives and homemade bath remedies. Workshops have varied over the years, the most recent being fruity bath bombs made from simple household ingredients. Giving young people these opportunities are fundamental in encouraging them to grow into responsible members of the adult society.

We are continually looking for worthwhile projects and British producers & manufacturers that we can work and strengthen ties with.

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