Unlike many bath and skincare products available on the high street, we don’t rely on third party, mass manufacturers to make and bottle our products. Each of our products have been created, blended and bottled by hand, by us, right here in England. 

Having complete control over our production line means that we’re able to source the very best ingredients. Our products are handmade and blended in micro batches, ensuring optimal freshness and uncompromising quality. We blend our products based on demand, so you can rest assured that our products have not been sitting in a warehouse for several months, or even years, before being shipped out to you.

Each range has been handcrafted using ingredients, that when blended unlock a multitude of natural benefits for skin, hair and body.

soapNskin is our passion, our products are gentle, natural, free from chemical nasties and scented using only essential oils. You won’t find any synthetic fragrance or colours in our ingredients lists. We firmly believe that animals don’t need to be harmed for the sake of beauty - we don’t test any of our products on animals, only willing human beings!

soapNskin encompasses natural, gentle and effective products that have been handcrafted out of a love for quality products. Only we have a mission - that this is one of life’s little luxuries that we want to share with everyone – hence you won’t find an exorbitant price tag!