Welcome to Wellness Wednesday

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll know that we kicked off 2021 with a new IGTV series promoting wellness on Wednesdays.

As a special introduction to the series, January has seen us airing weekly episodes, speaking to special guests with a focus on nurturing our wellbeing and promoting self-care.

In the current climate, we are all facing adversity and trials which are affecting our mental and physical wellbeing and our hope is this series will help shift our attention towards a more positive focus by sharing helpful and useful ways we can focus on nurturing our wellbeing.

Our first three episodes featured Simona Mulrova, a Nutritional Therapist, Lecturer at The College of Naturopathic Medicine, and founder of Wellness Me. The focus was on a rather timely topic, immunity.

The first episode - ‘What is the immune system?’ – Looked at our immune system, a highly sophisticated defence system that protects us from pathogenic microbes. We learnt that the body has a three-layered defence strategy made up of:

  • The First Line ‘Innate’ Defence
  • Second line of defence – non-specific immune response.
  • Third Line: ‘specific / adaptive immunity’

Simona talked us through what is a weak immune system and the role healthy skin plays in keeping our immunity in top form.

The second episode – ‘How to Boost your Immune System’ – Looked at the key role that diet plays in strengthening the immune system and the importance of adequate sleep, exercise and gut health. See also our blog on ‘Boosting your Immune System Naturally’.

Our final episode with Simona looked specifically at Immunity in Children with helpful ways to nurture and boost childhood immunity.


We’d like to thank Simona Mulrova for giving us so much of her time and sharing her expertise on nutrition with us. If you’d like to book a tailored consultation with Simona for nutritional advice, you can do so at:



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