Travel essentials for the Clean Beauty Babe

Posted on May 17 2018

Clean Beauty Travel Essentials


Wow, 2018 has flown by and I still can’t believe that we’re into May… roll on Summer is all I can say! So, while we’ve been BUSY rolling up our sleeves and working on some rather exciting things… more on that another time… But it dawned on us that we’ve got TWO, yes TWO Bank holidays to look forward to this month. We love the May Bank Hols, not only because we get to enjoy lovely long weekends, but because it’s a sign that summer is on its way and with that comes some glorious sun (fingers crossed) and perhaps a trip (or two!) to somewhere nice.

Having uber sensitive skin, being a bit of a clean beauty geek, being a mother and having to pack and prepare for a holiday, quite frankly leaves me exhausted. Let’s be real, no matter how many check list you write, they’ll always be something that you’ve forgotten, couple that with dreaded 100ml flight rule and it’s easy to see why embracing your inner clean beauty diva can be challenging.

Fret not – we’ve got the 1-0-1 on holiday beauty sorted for you. Its flight and travel friendly, cruelty free (that’s the best kinda beauty!) and did we mention? Clean!!

Clean beauty babes – I give you the soapNskin clean beauty Travel edit!


Multi Tasking Beauty is the new BLACK when it comes to travelling..

You don’t have to compromise on your clean beauty ethos when travelling, chances are that your favourite products can double up and be used elsewhere. Pick wisely and you’ll save valuable luggage space which can be used to pack an extra pair of heels or shopping for your return!


The Moisturiser – The foot balm – the cuticle cream – the lip salve – The pretty much everything!

Yes ladies (and lads!) our gorgeously moisturising, intensely nourishing body butter is at the top of our list. Yes, we know, you’ve heard it before – but you really need a pot of this stuff especially when on holiday. Use as a soothing aftersun, an intense night time or in-flight moisturiser, tame unruly brows, soothe cracked heels, moisturise dry lips, soften cuticles and even use on split ends!


The humble soap bar

Not only are our soaps free from synthetic colours and fragrances, smell ah-mazing and oh so gentle! Our sulphate free formula means that they won’t leave that taught dry sensation after use, so they can even be used on the face. They make fab travelling companions too – minimal packaging is not only kinder to the environment, it means you get more product to take with you. Plus, it’s totally leak free so you don’t have to worry about leakages and your gorgeous holiday wardrobe getting ruined. Need we say more?


The multi award winning Elixir

Our travelling edit wouldn’t be complete without our Elixir – and for good reason too!

Our little brown bottle not only smells like a beautiful summers day but boasts a whole lotta goodness. Made with organic argan oil and pure orange blossom essential oils our elixir is packed with nutrient dense ingredients. High in anti-oxidants and omega 3 fatty acids which not only have anti-aging properties, but also help to protect against environmental damage. Naturally non-comedogenic means that it offers intense moisture without clogging pores and causing breakouts. A light and easily absorbed formula that can - wait for it -  be used on face, hair and body!!


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