The Art of Self Love

Yup, its Valentine’s Day and love is most definitely in the air – and whilst we don’t want to take away from or belittle couples celebrating today, we wanted to steer the focus on a very different type of love, an unconditional love that needs to be embraced 365 days of the year yet is often the first to get neglected… let’s focus on the art of unconditionally loving yourself… first & foremost.

Sounds narcissistic? Selfish? Egoistic? Well, we think you’re wrong…

The notion and concept of self-love holds relevance now more than ever, in today’ fast paced lifestyle, technology has blurred social and professional boundaries with many left feeling overwhelmed, burnt out and struggling to re-claim personal time.

Self-love has become a much needed phenomenon in this age of unrealistic ideals and expectations or perfectionism with many embracing the concept of ‘me-time’. And whilst we have embraced this wholeheartedly; indulging in regular massages, candle lit baths, trips to the nail bar and a solid skin care routine, can we really claim that we love ourselves?

Sure, we’ve taken the time we’ve needed to recharge our bodies, feel energised, put together ready to face those external challenges… but let’s dip a little deeper, whilst these external indulges are much needed and mood enhancing is there more we can do?

True self love encompasses all of the above but also puts the focus on our inner well-being, which in turn helps us to grow, evolve and learn to accept, respect and love ourselves first – naturally paving the way for others to do so too.

But this isn’t the easiest of feats and we are by no means experts claiming to have nailed the art and promising that you’ll be self care aficionados by the time you reach the end of this post! So, we’re going to tackle the 1st three steps in guiding you towards the right direction. A little self-care and love 101.

  • Practice Self Care

Probably the easiest of our steps, (but by no means easy to accomplish on a regular basis). We need you to channel serious Louis Litt vibes and embrace the mantra, ‘my body is my temple.’ Start to implement achievable yet regular self care rituals into your routine. No actual mud baths are required but consistent gestures, be it exercising regularly, establishing that solid skin care routine, power napping, whatever they may be to help you to feel rested, recharged and refreshed.

  • Define your boundaries and stand by them.

How many of you have agreed to something you really don’t want to do, or can’t manage, simply because you don’t want to offend or upset someone else?

I can see a whole sea of hands going up on this one (metaphoric, of course!) That’s the first step, you can’t please all of the people all of them time, and many of us put ourselves and our health through major turmoil trying to please others, for very little in return.

So next time a friend asks you to babysit and you’re free but don’t have the energy and would rather crash on the sofa with a hot chocolate, say no.

Next time the in-laws invite themselves over for dinner, and you’re exhausted from the working week, say no.

Next time the boss calls and asks that you deliver an impromptu report by the next morning, say no… people will learn to respect your boundaries…

  • Protect Yourself

Learn to let go or distance yourself from the toxic people who bring negativity in your direction. The world is made of all personality types and chances are that the vast majority of us have experienced toxic relationships that drain our energy and enhance our anxieties. Surround yourself with people who beam at your successes rather than the ones who take pleasure in your pain.  We need good vibes and prayers coming our way from the people in our lives, and the company you keep plays a vital role in nurturing self-love.

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