A Rose for Valentine's Day?

Posted on February 11 2016



With February in full swing and Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I thought it would make sense to try and incorporate the significance of the month of LOVE in this month’s post.

I will start by stating the obvious – our beautifully handcrafted products would make an exceptionally thoughtful gift to the love in your life. But seriously, we all know that roses are an integral part of a variety of myths and legends. The various colours and shapes of the bloom have meant that they’ve become synonymous with love, passion and friendship and thus tend to accompany most gift choices on the occasion.

But how many of us actually stop and think about the benefits that bottled rose can bring? I’m not for one moment suggesting that you gift wrap a bottle of rose essential oil this year for your honey. This certainly is not the way to win them over. But there is a way that you can harness the power of rose, and still make for an interesting alternative to this year’s Love Fest gifting.

So what is so special about the essential oil of this beautiful and fragrant bloom?

Well, it has most commonly been used to enhance emotional well-being and promote skin health. When you couple that with the sheer beauty of the actual fragrance, it makes it a no brainer to try and incorporate the essential oil into your beauty regime.

Its intense aroma is emotionally uplifting and so has been used to treat forms of depression, stress and mental trauma. It’s said to have the “highest vibrational frequency” of any other oil, and is supposedly a cure for the ‘heart’. Some would even go as far as saying that it opens the heart and soul to love and spiritual connection, making it an effective means of treating fear, stress and hard-heartedness. The aroma itself is a natural aphrodisiac, making it the obvious choice for cupid’s elixir, explaining the historical relevance to roses and love.

But its wonder properties make it a treat for the skin. It perfectly balances the moisture levels within one's skin, whilst reducing the appearance of skin imperfections and improving skin tone and complexion.  This is thanks to the fact that rose essential oils contain naturally occurring vitamains, both A & C, which are particularly helpful in fighting wrinkles and improving the overall elasticity of the skin.

Naturally this essential oil has antiseptic properties making it an exceptionally effective and luxurious alternative in treating wounds. Its anti-bacterial properties have proven, during clinical tests, that it is also an effective treatment for bacterial induced acne. In fact one Chinese study found that just after 5 minutes, a 0.25% dilution of rose essential oil completely destroyed Propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria responsible for acne!

If uplifting the mood and improving your skin isn’t enough of an incentive to try rose – maybe its benefits for the hair and scalp will help cinch the deal!  Its moisturising properties are great for dry and brittle hair and coupled with its anti-inflammatory qualities, makes it a particularly effective treatment for hair and scalp. While its astringent properties help to strengthen the hair from the roots, helping to prevent hair loss.

Well there you have it – the rose, traditionally synonymous with romance and love. Who would’ve thought that it could give you a multitude of other health benefits and promote emotional well-being too?

If you are stuck for gift inspiration give our Rose & Sandalwood with Neem Oil collection a try. We've used pure Moroccan rose and Indian sandalwood for a subtle sophisticated scent. And because we only use pure essential oils, there is the added charm of benefiting from the properties of this delicate flower. 

Psst... Did we mention that our products would last a lot longer than a bouquet of roses or a box of chocolates?