Elixir du Jour-Argan Oil

Posted on April 03 2017

Argan Oil
Since starting soapNskin, we have discovered so many amazing ingredients that we can’t even begin to list them all! Some of the most incredible, have been used by indigenous people for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years. Take the very subject of my blog- Argan Oil! The powers and benefits of this oil are nothing short of remarkable. It is one of the most versatile oils we have come across and can be used in so many ways to harness the true potential for healthy skin & hair.
Before I go into how good it is for you…. here’s a quick history lesson!
Argan oil is believed to have come from the Argana region to the North East of Agadir. The slow growing tree produces fruit, which is devoured by local goats, who then very kindly leave the nut for us to make the oil! The nut is cold pressed to produce a glowing, golden oil that is rich yet light and easily absorbed. The Berber women of the region have use it for centuries and the overall appearance of their skin speaks for itself-glowing, healthy, smooth and moisturised.
The latest addition to our range of products is 100% pure, organic, ethically sourced Argan Oil which we buy from a carefully selected supplier. The oil is hand made on farms in Morocco by Berber women who harvest, press and bring this liquid gold to you. Our supplier ensures that the process of picking & extracting is ethical and beneficial to locals. It is a highly skilled job that takes many hours of time and dedication to achieve. No machinery is involved in the production of the oil, which protects and preserves the wonderful array of properties it has.
So, enough raving, let’s get to the facts! How come this oil will do wonders for you without leaving you feeling like an oil slick?
o   Argan oil contains high levels of Vitamin A & E, both of which are high in anti-oxidants. These beauties promote healing in the form of cell renewal while protecting the skin against free radicals & UV rays.
o   Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant.  It neutralises free radicals to limit cell damage and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while improving collagen levels and elasticity in the skin. It adds a powerful moisture punch and restores lost moisture to the skin. The best thing is, that moisture is easily absorbed and stays locked in.
o   Anti-inflammatory properties ensure that irritations are not irritating at all! This is due to its high levels of omega 6 fatty acid & linoleic acid. When applied to skin it reduces symptoms associated with inflammation.
o   The oil is a rescue remedy for sensitive and dry skin. The Vitamin E, sterols and squalene repair the skins upper hydro lipid layer to lock in moisture, which is absorbed so easily by application of this oil. The skin will retain the moisture while all the ‘good stuff’ in it gets to work from the inside out!
o   Argan oil is a wonder for hair too. Due to its ability to repair it also aids regeneration of the hair shaft and follicles. It can be used as an intensive overnight treatment to repair damaged hair and leave the hair and scalp shiny, healthy and dandruff free.
o   Apply 2 drops of Argan oil to the hair ends for a really effective leave in conditioner-it won’t feel greasy at all!
o   A quick note for all the male followers we have too! A couple of drops of this oil on your beard and you will look like you’ve been treated to a session at Trumpers. Your beard will be soft, shiny & without a frizzy hair in sight!
The list of benefits, as you can gather, is quite extensive. Even after writing about some of them I don’t feel that I have done the oil justice.
Here at soapNskin, we are in the final stages of developing our very own Elixir for use on hair, body and face which will comprise over 80% organic Argan Oil. We think, alongside our rage of body butters, this will be a very worthwhile product to invest in. Not only for people with troubled skin, but also people who wish to maintain overall, healthy skin well into the later stages of life.
With so many reasons to try this oil out we think the new addition to our range will be a must for all to try!
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