Multi-tasking Beauty - Meet our 'double agents'

Multi tasking beauty products

How many products have you got in your beauty stash?

Chances are you’re spending a small fortune on a variety of products to keep you looking and feeling fabulous and who doesn’t want to look and feel their best? We know we do & preferably without having to spend all of our hard earned cash and precious time doing so.

We’re all queens when it comes to multi-tasking. Hands up if you’re guilty of preparing school lunches whilst catching up on emails? Or perhaps mopping the floor whilst on the phone to your mum, booking a doctor’s appointment whilst finishing off that report? Sound familiar? So many of us navigate through our daily routine without a second thought to our multi-tasking skills, yet many of us haven’t stopped to think how we can adopt the same multi-tasking concept to our beauty regime and potentially save money and cut back on waste.

If you like the idea of cutting back on your beauty spend without compromising on the end result of feeling pretty, we suggest you invest in hardworking products that have more than one use. Leaving you more space on your beauty shelf and extra ££s in your purse that can go towards those killer heels you’ve wanted…

Ladies (and gents!) – I bring you multi-tasking beauty the soapNskin way…


Argan & Orange Blossom Elixir

This beaut is our newest addition to the soapNskin family. It’s so effective it was nominated for an award PRE LAUNCH and went on to win an award literally weeks after – if there is ONE product you cannot miss it’s this baby, which is why it makes the top our our list. A simple yet effective blend of ethically sourced, organic Argan Oil and beautiful Orange Blossom Oil, this Elixir has endless uses. Try as an indulgent facial oil last thing at night and first thing in the morning for beautifully nourished and supple skin. The light and easily absorbed blend is non comedogenic (it will not block pores and cause breakouts) and packed full of anti-oxidants and vitamins A & E. It helps to repair skin and hair whilst also protecting against environmental damage. The generous sized bottle and pump dispenser means you’ll have plenty of product to apply to your body too! Try massaging onto damp legs after showering or even post shave to soothe irritation leaving you with perfectly glossed pins. But its double agent properties go even further! Turn dry, brittle and over styled hair into soft manageable tresses by using this Elixir as a leave in conditioner before washing or even hair serum on damp hair pre heat styling. Feeling stressed and highly strung after a long day at work? A dab of this oil on the sides of your

temples can help reduce stress and calm your nerves after a hectic day.


Whipped Natural Body Butter

It really is no surprise that our all natural, hand crafted whipped body butter has made it at No. 2 of our multi-tasking beauty list. These little pots of magic hail from our early days at Portobello Road and Camden Market. They were street heroes then and have earned their place as one of our original cult classics. Available in five different signature oil blends, these dreamy pots are a blend of pure plant butters (think rich and nourishing mango butter, shea butter and cocoa butter whipped to perfection), ethically harvested British beeswax, sweet almond oil, rosehip oil and vitamin E oil. With added plant oils like calendula, jojoba and neem oils – these body butters make one kick ass pot of goodness.

We’ve had notes from our customers using these in a variety of ways, from foot balms and hand salves to nail & cuticle butters and split ends rescue treatments! You can of course use them as your staple everyday body butter (now there’s an original thought!) and even as a healing after sun when on holiday. One pot – so many uses.


The Humble Soap Bar

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of our humble bath and body soap. Yes, this makes for effective, sulphate free (hooray!), gentle squeaky clean cleaning. Our soap bars are from our original line up of products, lovingly made, cut, trimmed, wrapped and labelled by hand here in England. But don’t think they’re just for your hands and body – we’ve tried and tested them (on willing human beings!) and they make gentle facial cleansers, effective shaving soaps (for those beards, lads! as well as legs, ladies!) and anywhere else you fancy. AND when having ‘accidentally’ run out of shampoo, have tried these bars as solid shampoos (we’ve been surprised with the good results – and now have customers who purchase them solely for their ‘shampooing’ qualities). Yes, don’t be fooled by the gorgeous wrapping and essential oil aromas (ah – just heavenly), our soaps pack a multi-tasking punch at an affordable £4.50!


multi-tasking beauty favourites


Which ONE multi-tasking product is your must have that you can’t live without?

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