Lock down Series - Dry Hand Heroes

Welcome to our mini lock down series…

With the world pretty much in lockdown, we’ve shaken up our usual monthly blog schedule to bring you relevant content more frequently. It’s our little way of trying to keep the conversations flowing with you guys during this madness while we all try to navigate stricter regulations during such uncertain times.

One of the things we’ve noticed from picking up conversations on social media is the complaint of dry hands especially now that we’re all maintaining stricter hand hygiene in a bid to protect ourselves and family from COVID-19. And whilst maintaining good hand hygiene is crucial during this pandemic, over zealous handwashing with soap and excessive use of alcohol hand sanitizers will lead to very dry, sore and cracked hands.

So how can we protect ourselves from corona virus, maintain good hand hygiene and prevent those sore dry hands?

Well the key is all about balance – use the right products frequently and you’ll notice the difference pretty quickly.

Its all about the soap…

We’re huge advocates of hand washing and cleansing of all types, after all, we handcraft some pretty decadent sulphate free soap bars; and that’s the crucial part – sulphate free. The vast majority experiencing very dry hands are probably using sulphate based soap formulas. These types of soap and the use of alcohol sanitizers are a common cause of irritant contact dermatitis. Essentially the harsher chemicals found in these types of products coupled with frequent handwashing are actually stripping away the skin’s natural oils, our skin’s natural barrier, which in turn leads to dry, sometime cracked and sore hands.

So how can we overcome this?

  • Invest in some gentle sulphate free soap. We handcraft a selection of sulphate free soap, which gently cleanses the skin without stripping its natural oils. If you’re your hands are cracked, sore and inflamed opt for a soap which is fragrance and essential oil free like our Honey & Oat Skin Soap, which also has natural anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and antiseptic properties to help soothe and relieve any inflammation.
  • Use a rich salve or balm immediately after washing to moisturize and replenish the skin. Our Skin Saviour is an SOS balm made with cruelty free beeswax and honey, shea, cocoa and mango butters. It has natural antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties and penetrates the deepest layers of the epidermis, offering instant relief.
  • Try an intensive overnight hand mask treatment. Simply slather your favourite hand cream, our Skin Saviour or an indulge Skin Deep butter over your hands before bed and wear cotton gloves. You’ll notice a difference to your hands the following morning.
  • Wear gloves when you’re washing up and cleaning. Try to limit any direct contact your hands make with harsh cleaning products as these are full of irritants which can make the problem worse.

 All of the above sound pretty basic, but we are certain you'll know an improvement. However, if you already suffer from any serious skin afflictions or you notice weeping and inflammation do seek medical advice. It could be a sign of something serious which could need medication. But on the whole, the above advice should help to improve dry hands.

If you've got any further tips, do share, we'd love to hear about your dry hand heroes...



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