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Posted on April 24 2017

Discover Neroli in your skincare

So, here we are people, end of April and, unfortunately still praying to the Gods for some sunshine! Well, while we here in Britain struggle to get up the ‘good weather’ hill, Spring, indeed Summer, has definitely sprung in places around the world. Spain, where we have traveled to explore new and exciting ingredients to bring to you, is our perfect example at the mo!

As we strolled through the narrow cobbled streets of small, intimate villages at every corner, in rows and groups we saw orange trees-some were laden with fruit, others were adorned with dainty white flowers. Some have had their day for the year. The fruit has grown, ripened and been picked. Some, however, were only just beginning. As we mooched along, past these wonders of nature, we would catch the sweet scent of the flowers that were in bloom, ready to give their place on the branch for the imminent fruit, while they were hand pressed into the golden, fragrant oil that is Neroli.

Neroli, also known as Orange Blossom, is an extraordinary essential oil with a fragrance similar to jasmine, but with zesty citrus notes. The oil comes from the delicate white flowers which grow on the Orange Blossom Tree. The flowers need to be picked at a very precise time and handled with extreme care to prevent bruising or damage, which will affect the oil that is eventually extracted. In fact, as soon as the flowers are picked they start losing the precious oil that is contained within them.

An essential oil coveted by many big beauty brands and for good reason too. It is produced by steam distilling the orange blossom, and is among one of the most expensive essential oils available in the market. This is primarily due to the lengthy distillation procedure and that you'd need about 1000 pounds of orange blossom to create a mere pound of Neroli oil.

This amazing oil is not only fragrant but is extremely beneficial on application and inhalation. Among other benefits, it has high anti-microbial and antioxidant properties, it lowers inflammation and pain and eases symptoms of menopause including stress and high blood pressure.

Highly prized and sought after in the skincare industry simply because of its array of benefits for the skin! Neroli is a wonder which rejuvenates and revives tired, dull skin. It heals at a cellular level repairing damage and helping to create a lustrous, healthy glow on the skin. It also helps balance the oil levels within skin to maintain the correct levels of moisture that each different skin type needs-making it suitable for many skin types.

This is definitely an oil to put on your ‘to try’ list-if you haven’t already - a great place to start is to browse through our AWARD WINNING  Neroli & Patchouli Collection.

We are so in love with it that  we are devoting our upcoming product to it! We are in the process of finalising something quite special containing Neroli (orange blossom) essential oil which will moisturise, rejuvenate and add that healthy glow to skin and hair. Keep checking our website for more info, and sign up to our mailing list for exclusive news and offers on current and new products!


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