Hydrating Heroes for Autumn

The transitional season of Autumn has begun and the shift in weather will bring about a shift in your skin’s needs.

When thinking about skincare, it’s always important to remember the vital role autumn plays. It is the time when we should consider repairing our skin from damage caused by summer sun and preparing and nourishing our skin before winter sets in.

It’s a simple philosophy (we do love simplicity) that will help to ensure that your skin is glowing and healthy ready to face the challenges that winter can bring.

Our Hydrating Heroes edit has been curated with Autumn and dry skin in mind. By investing in gentle, natural skincare rich in hydrating ingredients, you'll be a step closer to nourished, healthy and glowing skin, especially when the weather starts to turn...

Hydrating Skin Heroes



Rich in anti-oxidant and antibacterial properties our Skin Saviour SOS Balm will gently soothe problem skin, reduce irritation and improve skin texture. Fragrance and essential oil free, this balm is suitable for the most sensitive of skin types. Formulated with cruelty-free, raw honey and beeswax, this luxurious balm helps to soothe and comfort sun damaged skin whilst also nourishing the skin in preparation for the winter.


A multi awarding winning, multi purpose beauty oil rich in omega 6 fatty acids, vitamins A, E and rejuvenating anti-oxidants. Ethically sourced, cold pressed, organic argan oil infused with Berber inspired, healing and nourishing essential oils culminates in this rich beauty oil suitable for face, hair and body. This natural formula hydrates and feeds the skin without clogging pores thanks to it non-comedogenic properties making it a particularly wonderful face oil, whilst its anti-oxidant properties reduces the damage caused by free radicals. It repairs and supports healthy skin and  helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Argan Oil and Orange Blossom

Our beautiful mask is a delicate blend of powdered botanicals, simply activate with water (yogurt is another great alternative!) and slather over your face and body. The vast majority of powdered masks available in the market contain clay, which can really exacerbate dryness, ours has been formulated without clay, just nutrient dense, skin loving ingredients like crush rose petals, sandalwood powder and turmeric. As a result, you'll find that Skin Cashmere not only hydrates the skin, but also feeds and nourishes de-hydrated skin. Its natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties also help to calm inflammation. A must have weekly treatment for healthy, glowing skin. 


A blend of pure plant butters (mango butter, cocoa butter & shea butter) rosehip oil, vitamin e, and cruelty free beeswax forms the base of our deeply nourishing Skin Deep body butters. Choose from three essential oil blends, Lavender & Lime, Neroli & Patchouli or Rose & Sandalwood. These indulgent pots of skin food transform from a lightly whipped mousse into a rich oil when applied and penetrate deep into the skin. Again their non-comedogenic properties make them suitable for all over application, helping to soothe, hydrate, repair and protect the skin.


Skin Deep 100% Natural Body Butter

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