Combat Winter Skin


With winter rearing its icy head, we thought we'd visit our archives and re-share and update our top tips for comfortable, healthier skin this winter.

If like us, you shudder at the thought of flakey, dry and sore skin during winter, pay close attention, we live by these top tips in helping to control the 'itch' and beat 


Use a rich natural moisturiser

We know it sounds obvious, but the moisturiser that you use during the autumn and winter months should be richer than what you'd use throughout spring and summer.  A moisturiser with a high content of natural oils and butters can not only  give you that youthful glow (yes, even in the winter!), but it also acts as a barrier, protecting your skin from drying out. When your skin is stripped of its natural oils it becomes more susceptible to infections and inflamation like eczema.

Try finding moisturisers that have a high content of shea or cocoa butter. Natural oils like jojoba not only moisturise but also provide a protective barrier for the skin. Our SKIN DEEP Body Butters are 100% natural and have a very high content of shea, cocoa and mango butters. They're perfect all over moisturisers, gentle enough to be used on the face and rich enough to target rough, dry patches all over. The multi functional use makes them a perfect staple in every home. Available in three different essential oil blends to help you really discover your perfect go-to natural moisturiser.

If you're looking for something highly effective, intensely moisturising and oh so luxurious, then perhaps consider incorporating richer facial oils and body oils into your skincare regime.

Our multi award winning argan and orange blossom elixir is a firm winter favourite. A few drops of this nourishing oil on a cleansed face morning and evening provides that intense moisture hit that your skin craves during the winter months. A potent blend of natural oils the elixir is packed full of natural anti-oxidants, omega fatty acids and vitamins A & E,  helping to repair and protect against environmental damage. The best bit? Like most of our products, this beauty oil is suitable for face, hair and body! 

Moisturise when your skin is still damp

It's worthwhile to take time to moisturise while your skin is still damp. Keep the bathroom door shut after your shower to maintain the humidity while you moisturise. This way you can seal moisture into your skin as it dries, keeping it hydrated for longer.

Avoid long hot showers & baths

We know that when the temperature plummets a long hot soak in the tub seems very appealing. The truth is that hot water is very harsh and drying, so is best avoided in general. Switch to short warm showers. They're not only better for the environment and less wasteful, but far kinder to your skin.

Switch to gentle natural soaps

Go for a natural vegetable based glycerin rich option to cleanse your skin like our SKIN SOAPS, one that is ideally sulphate free, and that won't strip your skin of its oils. Many mainstream soaps on the market claim to be gentle but are still laden with synthetic chemicals and artificial fragrances and colours which can aggravate dry skin conditions and damage your skin's microbiome.

Gentle Exfoliation

Cut back on exfoliating your skin during the winter, but please don't stop altogether. Exfoliation once a week or once a fortnight helps to slough away dead skin cells and really helps to prepare the skin for cleansing, toning, masking and moisturising - helping the products in your regime work better!

Our Skin Cashmere face and body mask is a double action product that not only feeds and nourishes the skin but also gently exfoliates. It has been wowing customers and makeup artists, alike, for years! (and in case you missed the memo - It was recently used on the set of Bridgerton!)⁠

Two of its key components which make it particularly effective are Lactic Acid found in yoghurt powder and Curcumin found in turmeric. Lactic acid is a super hydrating AHA which gently exfoliates the skin, helping to fade hyperpigmentation and reducing fine lines. Curcumin is not only anti inflammatory but also helps to boost collagen production and is one of the key ingredients that imparts luminosity to the skin.⁠ A definite must have in your skincare arsenal!

Hydrate from the inside

Drink water!! Not only does your skin need its 'outer layers' to be looked after and moisturised, but you need to tackle the deeper layers. Drinking water helps to keep you skin hydrated 'from within', admittedly this isn't as easy to do when its freezing outside! Try substituting some of your daily cups of tea for hot water with slices of lemon and some grated ginger.

You are what you eat

As with drinking plenty of water, the food we eat can help combat dry skin. Make sure you incorporate plenty of healthy fats & oils into your diet. This doesn't have to be costly or elaborate, including simple things like avocados, oily fish, olive/coconut oil and unsalted nuts into your diet can really help to combat dry skin through out the year. 


Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean that the sun's rays can't damage your skin. Its easy to overlook the importance of adequate sunscreen in the winter when the sun isn't always glaring at you. Be mindful and make sure you've got sunscreen on when your out and about.

So there you have it, simple steps that should help you achieve a flake and itch free winter!

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