Calming Eczema this Winter

Whether it’s feeding our skin from the inside with nutrient dense food or switching up our skincare and body care routines during the winter, we take prepping our skin for winter VERY seriously over here at sNs HQ. Those of you who are regular visitors of our blog will know this very well.

But sometimes adapting your skincare routine and watching what you eat just isn’t enough especially if your skin is easily inflamed and eczema prone. The trials of eczema are all too familiar here and winter is THE season where flare ups tend to get out of control.

So, we thought we’d share our own personal tips on how we calm the eczema itch in our homes during the winter months…



When the temperature begins to plummet, the first thing we tend to do is crank up the heating in our homes. Unfortunately keeping our toes toasty on those cold winter evenings simply dries up the air in our homes. And a dry environment inevitably leads to dry, cracked and itchy skin which often exacerbate dry skin conditions like eczema. Using a humidifier in the home/office replaces the lost moisture in the air and helps to prevent the skin from drying out. Placing a bowl of water in every room works equally well, just be mindful that this can breed bacteria so clean the bowl and change the water daily.



Conventional soaps and body washes contain harsh synthetic ingredients like SLS which strip the skin of its natural oils. If you’re susceptible to dryness and eczema you should phase such products out of your cleansing routine regardless of the season. Opt for gentle products such as sulphate free soaps and natural body washes which gently cleanse.



Oil rich moisturisers protect the skin against moisture loss. Choose products rich in pure plant butters and oils and use frequently to keep your skin hydrated, supple and protected. Our all over body butters are made with shea, cocoa and mango butters which provide intense relief to dry, cracked skin. Products which contain natural anti-inflammatory ingredients such as neem oil can also help to calm flare ups.



One of the most common itch/scratch cycle triggers is sweating and overheating. Whilst it's totally understandable that you want to dress warmly during colder spells, try layering up so that you can remove items of clothing when you feel warm.



An aloe vera plant has become a staple over at sNs HQ… not only do they bring colour and interest into our studio, but they provide soothing relief for a multitude of skin complaints. We find rubbing the cooling gel over eczema flare ups works wonders in relieving the itch. If you can’t get hold of a plant, purchase some pure aloe vera gel from a good natural supplier.



Our hands are the most exposed part of our body so protect them from the harsh elements when you’re out and about and get those gloves on. Keep some good quality hand cream with you at all times and slather your hands every time they feel dry.



As you know we’re huge advocates of all things natural. We love natural skin care, good wholesome food and of course, clothes made of natural fibres – well more specifically fair-trade cotton! As you know, eczema prone skin needs to breath and wearing super soft, fair-trade cotton allows the body to do just that! Breathe…

Ah… we can feel the itch relief already. Winter, bring it on, we’re so ready for you!


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