Bridgerton, the ‘Haldi Ceremony and Skin Cashmere

If you’ve been following the second season of the hit Netflix series, Bridgerton, you’ll notice that Episode 6 sees the beautiful Sharma sisters partake in an ancient bridal ritual known as the Haldi Ceremony in preparation for Edwina’s marriage.

Variations of this bridal ritual is practiced across South Asian cultures when preparing brides for their wedding ceremony, in fact, it was this very ritual which was the source of inspiration for our very own award winning Skin Cashmere.

If the golden coloured paste smeared on Edwina’s face and arms seemed familiar – it is because it literally was! We were absolutely delighted when the makeup team from the set of Bridgerton announced that they used soapNskin’s Skin Cashmere during the scene to recreate an authentic Haldi Paste for the Ceremony.

Traditionally turmeric and gram flour are combined with rosewater to create the mustard coloured paste which is then smeared on the bride to-be encouraging a natural, radiant glow ahead of the wedding ceremony.

Skin Cashmere was selected by the Bridgerton makeup team for its authenticity, non skin staining properties and ease of use when filming and recreating the scene and their GLOWING feedback is a testament to our unique formula.

Sure, in theory (and of course back home) you can create your own ‘haldi paste’ at home. But if you’ve ever used turmeric before you’ll know how easily it can stain skin and so a precise formulation is essential – too much turmeric and you’ll look like you’ve been tango’ed and too little will not yield the ‘wow glow’ that you’re after.

The beauty of Skin Cashmere is in its perfected and re-mastered formulation. It’s not only about having a precise turmeric : gram flour ratio, we’ve also including additional skin enhancing ingredients which are traditionally used in skincare.


Skin Cashmere - Haldi Ceremony Bridgerton


So, why did we feel that the UK Market needed Skin Cashmere? The reasons are numerous…

British brides of Asian descent need an easy and effective alternative that they can turn to if they want to partake in traditional ceremonies. And Skin Cashmere fits the bill perfectly with enough product to do several facial treatments (or approximately 2 full body treatments) from a jar.

When applied, the potent and active ingredients in Skin Cashmere impart a visible glow almost immediately, its adaptability means that the product can be tailored to cater for almost all of your skin’s needs, and quite frankly with its glowing results – why reserve it just for Brides? We’re on a quest to introduce stunning, time honoured Beauty Rituals from our heritage to EVERYONE!

Click here to purchase our Award Winning Skin Cashmere. Want to learn more about how you can use and tailor the mask at home? Then read our Blog: Create a Bespoke Face Mask with our Skin Cashmere.

If you feel a little daunted at the prospect of having to mix you're own mask, don't be - Skin Cashmere comes with detailed instructions on how you can created a more targeted treatment, a handy reusable spoon for accurate and hygienic dispensing and a reusable, natural cellulose facial sponges to help with removing the product after treatment.

Skin Cashmere Turmeric Haldi Mask

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