Beauty Trends for 2019

We’re well into January 2019 and we still haven’t shared our predictions of what we think will be BIG news this year! Generally we expect to see a shift in consumer expectations from brands. As beauty enthusiasts become more mindful of where and what they spend their hard earned cash on. Its about potent, effective ingredients which can tackle a myriad of tasks, and why not?

Nature to Nurture

The natural beauty segment has literally exploded over the last few years and we’ve even seen the ‘big players’ jumping into the natural beauty sphere in an attempt to ‘ride the tide’. This obsession is no temporary trend, natural beauty is here to stay and with good reason too.

The multitude of benefits that natural ingredients harness have encouraged beauty enthusiasts to move away from synthetic chemicals and get back to natural alternatives in a bid to minimise the amount of harmful substances that is applied on skin.

Expect to find more choice from indie brands (independent  brands) who use high performance natural ingredients in their formulations. But be wary of  ‘natural extracts’ creeping their way into cosmetic ingredient lists of beauty giants. Green washing has become widespread, so make it a habit to read the ingredient lists of your favourite products to be certain of what is going onto your skin.


Multi-Tasking Beauty

A strong shift in attitudes towards expenditure has given rise in popularity to multi-tasking beauty products. Expect your products to work harder for you. Multi-tasking beauty advocates less waste through offering products that can be used in multiple ways, something we’ve been pioneering for some time. Our lush Elixir can be used on face, hair and body! One product tackling several skin/hair woes means less clutter on your beauty shelf and more pennies in our purse! Which takes us beautifully onto our next trend…


Beauty is feeling the eco-luxe vibe and it’s going to be fierce in 2019. Taking the cue from reducing waste and eliminating unnecessary products from your routine, eco-luxe brings forth the mantra; earth, purse and skin friendly in one sweep. Expect brands to move away from plastic and embrace glass and eco friendly alternatives. Consumers are moving towards making choices that help to reduce their harmful impact on our planet. Eco-luxe brings you luxurious, high performance formulations from brands who are actively trying to protect the planet.

Customisable Beauty

Just like no two finger prints are identical, no two skin needs are ever quite the same. We expect a rise in popularity of customisable beauty whereby brands offer ‘base’ products which can be customised with other offerings creating a truly bespoke end product just for your skin’s requirements. We’ve seen this a lot in the last few months with dry powdered face masks which can be mixed with other ingredients to tackle very specific skin concerns. Its about bringing more autonomy into the hands of the consumer, and we like it!

Best of British

With Brexit looming over our heads and the uncertainty that it brings we feel that 2019 will be the year that consumers will actively search for the best of British on offer. This isn’t just applicable to the beauty market – oh no, it’s far greater and goes beyond the beauty realms into homeware, clothing, food, crafts and gifts. It’s about boosting our local economy and helping one another out in the process. Consumers will feel extra love towards quintessentially British Brands that are trying to make their way in the world. There is a plethora of undiscovered home grown talent and collaboration is key to spreading the word and the love!  Keep your eyes peeled make 2019 the year you discover your favourite unsung British Brand. Its all about Indie Beauty!!


The Story, The brand, The Journey

Expect to find more brands that are engaged with their audience. Be they small (they’ll definitely be mighty), you’ll find brands that have a story, a purpose and are embarking on a journey they want to share. These are the brands that genuinely listen, are constantly striving to tweak and improve and offer their customers what they want. 2019 will be the year when it stops becoming them and me, but just a collective us – sharing mutual benefits for both brands and their customers. What’s not to like about that?


What are your big beauty predictions? What would you like to see and what are you keen to say goodbye to?

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