Oaty Goodness

Posted on October 19 2015

Oats are one of those things which have probably been around since the beginning of time! They are a staple and a must have in most larders in the world. It is said that some coeliacs can even tolerate oats as the gluten in them, known as avenin, is easier on some digestive systems that others (but we wouldn’t recommend you try without expert medical advice first!)  Oats, avena sativa, are a cereal and are harvested for their seeds which are then rolled or ground to produce rolled oats, or colloidal oatmeal. They typically contains B vitamins, iron, vitamin c, zinc, magnesium and essential fatty acids-3 & 6. All these are vital in maintaining overall health and lasting energy levels. 

As somebody who has an ongoing battle with eczema, I could not do without oaty goodness on my skin. I have a jar of ground oats in the shower which I form into a paste and apply daily on my face. When I get flare ups, I use it on the affected areas too.

Oats are very soothing when applied to irritated skin. They contain anti inflammatory ingredients which help to alleviate redness, soreness and itchiness-all common symptoms of eczema. Oats are very effective in providing intense moisture as they penetrate deep into the skin. They also nourish and hydrate damaged skin promoting skin repair .

Oats are a gentle, yet effective, cleanser. They contain saponins which remove dirt and excess oil from pores leaving skin clean and soft, without feeling dry and taught. Oat milk can also be used after cleansing as an effective toner which leaves skin supple. Simply soak oats in boiling water and allow to cool overnight. Strain through muslin the next day-see the milk flow! Oat milk helps reduce uneven skin tone and patchy skin.

Applying oats will improve skin texture and appearance as well providing relief to those who need it. Oats contain polysaccarides which turn jelly like when they come into contact with water, when applied to the skin they form a protective layer on the skin without blocking pores or irritating skin.

Our Honey and Oat range has been formulated to be gentle and soothing on sensitive and irritated skin types. But it is not limited to just these skins. Why not try the products and see the benefits for yourself!


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