Coffee is HOT


So, there is officially less than a month to go before the start of Autumn! I’m so excited! I LOVE AUTUMN!! Not only is it the end of the myth that is ‘British Summer’ it brings with it a carnival of colours and a patchwork blanket of leaves on the floor. The browns, the oranges, the reds, the crisp leaves that I search out under my feet, ah, bring it on!

There is also, however, something else I love about autumn. When the season turns cold and crisp, my morning coffee is a whole other experience. I love coffee anyway-steaming hot in autumn/winter and on ice in spring/summer .  To me nothing beats the warming and comforting aroma of a fresh coffee and the fact that I now have a Nespresso machine (minus George, unfortunately) my  life is that much better. But coffee isn’t just good in a cup! At soapNskin we are really into coffee on your body as well as in it!

The benefits of coffee on the skin are numerous. Caffeine is the wonder ingredient that provides the skin with anti-oxidants which, as we all know by now, combat the signs of ageing by banishing those rebel free radicals that come at your skin from all angles! Anti-oxidants are effective as a barrier against skin cancer by helping cell regeneration

Caffeine also reduces inflammation and redness on the skin. When applied to the skin as a cream or scrub it leaves the skin softer and brighter in appearance and feel. Over time using coffee as part of your skincare routine will leave you with a perkier looking complexion and the overall texture of your skin will feel better giving you even skin tone and reducing redness and puffiness - hence the use of tea bags under the eyes to reduce dark circles and puffiness!

We quite like the idea of a coffee scrub and are currently working on bringing you one.  I know the benefits as I have been using it myself and I have noticed softer smoother skin. I am toying with which oil to combine it with to increase the benefits. It is work in progress, however, we would like to bring it to you soon so you can start gearing your skin up for the winter months ahead.

I’m off, as you may have guessed, to grab a cup of joe. I might even ask for the coffee grounds while I’m at it!

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