To moisturise or not to moisturise?

So there I was, clicking away through various beauty blogs (it now seems to be a favourite pastime of mine!) and I came across this interesting piece by the lovely Lily Pebbles, titled ‘Falling out of Love with Moisturiser’

She starts with stating two key points when it comes to determining whether you could get away with skipping moisturiser altogether. She’s under 35, and winter has not yet reared its icy head. I guess the former applies to me – but the winter part, well I’ve seen through two winters now, and must confess, I haven’t been moisturising with a traditional moisturiser for both.

When I entered my thirties, my skin literally changed overnight. Using the Clinique 3 Step System throughout my twenties, I discovered it just no longer suited me. My skin became insanely sensitive, everything that I applied burned and stung in such a way that I couldn’t bear it and would promptly wash off with cold water. I spent several months in limbo trying all sorts of brands with the hope of finding something that wouldn’t sting. With the exception of a couple of highly overpriced moisturisers, which I couldn’t sustain to use in the long run – because of their sheer expense (I am a mother, these indulgences really didn’t make sense to me, I had other priorities…) I just started using olive oil…Yes you’ve read correctly! Olive oil to keep my skin hydrated.

Well you’ve guessed what I’m going to say… Yes, olive oil didn’t sting, and stopped my skin from drying out…but it clogged up my pores. It was heavy, greasy and took forever to absorb into my skin. I couldn’t apply in the morning and pop out for the school run without looking like I’d fried an egg on my face! Not a good look, believe me. To add to my ‘skin drama’ I developed dermatitis on my face, and this would usually flare up a couple of times a month… enough was enough, I had to do something.

I started experimenting with essential oils, and did heaps of research into which base oils would hydrate my skin without leaving it looking as though I worked in a chip shop. And so began the process of mixing and concocting...

If carefully selected and blended, you can create some fabulous oils which smell divine, whilst nourishing and replenishing the most sensitive of skin. The added benefit of these oils is that when you choose the right essential oils you can create an amazingly effective skin nourisher that can really pack a punch into your problem areas - be they fine lines and wrinkles, dehydrated skin, oily skin or acne prone skin.

My skin saviour

I'm ready to share with the world you don't have to spend a small fortune to keep you skin in fab condition. Rosehip oil is by far my absolute favourite. It has not only smoothed out my complexion and evened out my skin tone, but has been my go to for the last few years. This wonder oil doesn't cost the earth and with the right amount of research you really can blend it with some amazing essential oils that can target your problem areas. It is light, easily absorbed and can keep your skin beautifully hydrated. The best bit? It's completely natural - and I'm sure you've all realised, we're fans of natural!

For those occasional days during the week, when your skin looks really tired and dehydrated, as though it could do with a ‘drink’ (or perhaps when Winter rears its icy head), try using an overnight serum or balm which will really rejuvenates your skin while you sleep.They tend to be super rich, but packed full of healthy skin ingredients.

My night time skin treat

No surprises for guessing what my night time routine involves. For a number of months now, I've been using one of our cult classics. It predates the birth of soapNskin, and first made its debut several years ago in London's famous Camden Market. Now re-packaged and with an improved ingredients list, our Soothing Rose & Sandalwood Body Butter can deliver serious skin hydration using a 100% natural formula. Although this is a wonderful treat for severely dehydrated and was initially created for use as a body butter, I've been using this as my night time treatment a couple of times a week for some time now. It's packed with those essential ingredients that make skin happy; cocoa butter, shea butter & mango butter have been blended with rosehip oil and beeswax. The fragrant addition of rose, sandalwood and neem essential oils really target my problem areas. It has helped smooth my skin's texture and has really helped to calm my dermatitis flare ups. The subtle relaxing essential oils not only help you nod off to sleep, but really get busy hydrating your skin, so you wake up with beautifully supple skin the following morning.

So it's official, I'm ready to proclaim to the world that I no longer moisturise! Well not in the traditional sense. I haven't done for some time now. My facial oil and the use of pure natural butters has worked wonderfully for me. Altogether I'm happy. 

What has been your skin saviour?




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