Autumn Tweaks for Happy Skin

I like to think of autumn as the most important season in terms of skincare regime. It bridges Summer and Winter; two of the harshest seasons of the year. When you take this into consideration, it makes perfect sense that you should use the autumnal season to repair any damage to your skin following the hotter summer months and prepare and nourish your skin for the colder winter months ahead.

So, if you struggle with dry and reactive skin and find that your skincare game suffers come winter, take heed of these simple Autumn skincare tweaks; they can help you through the transitional season making way for a more comfortable winter.

If you know our brand, you’ll know that we love to advocate simplicity when it comes to skincare. Our products have been formulated using natural ingredients with this ethos in mind, and are customisable and multi tasking – empowering you to take more control over your skin.


Irrespective of seasons, ditch the harsh soaps, scrubs and cleansers. These tend to strip away your skin’s natural protective oils, making your skin more vulnerable to dryness and damage during the colder months. Look for natural sulphate free soaps and cleansers which gently cleanse the skin without disrupting your skins microbiome. Additional ingredients to look for are nourishing plant butters and oils that can help to hydrate dry skin during the cleansing step.

Our Skin Soaps are a firm favourite, their gentle sulphate free formulation offers effective cleansing without stripping your skin’s natural oils. On point with our ethos, they’re beautifully nourishing and multi-purpose. Suitable for both face and body.

Rabia Recommends:

Neroli & Patchouli Skin Soap for oily or combination skin

Lavender & Lime Skin Soap for normal or combination skin

Honey & Oat Skin Soap for highly sensitive, dry and reactive skin


If you’ve spent the summer using light lotions and serums to moisturise your skin, now is a good time to switch to a richer skin butter or oil. They provide an effective barrier on the skin, preventing essential moisture loss whilst also protecting from any harsh environmental factors. Incorporating a richer cream into your routine at this time of the year will not only repair any damage that may have been caused during summer, but will also help protect the skin during the colder months.

Rabia Recommends:

Our award winning Argan & Orange Blossom Elixir is a little beauty hero. It’s powerful, nutrient dense, natural ingredients not only moisturise and soften the skin, it also protects against environmental damage, reduces blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles and helps to regulate sebum production. A wonderfully multi tasking oil, light enough to be used as a facial oil. And hardworking enough to be used on hair and body.

Skin Deep Body Butters are a blend of 100% natural plant butter; shea, cocoa and mango butters, sweet almond oils, vitamin e oil and beeswax. View the entire collection here.


It’s tempting to stop exfoliating in the colder months, especially when we start piling on the layers to keep warm. But regular exfoliating even in autumn and winter is quite important. It removes dead skin cells on the body and prepares your skin so that it can absorb those rich creams you’ve started using. Try using natural oil based scrubs or hydrating masks but make sure you don’t overdo it, once a week is more than enough.

Rabia Recommends:

Skin Cashmere; our award winning, customisable face and body mask. The clay free powdered mask comes with a complete guide on how to customise the mask to target specific skin needs. A non drying and super hydrating blend of botanical powders offer multi action properties which nourish, hydrate, buff and gently exfoliate the skin leaving a visible, radiant glow.


Just because the sun doesn’t feel as harsh in autumn as it does in the summer, doesn’t mean you stop using SPF. Make sure you apply some sort of sunscreen daily; the sun’s rays can still damage your skin even in autumn! We love using mineral based sunscreen which typically contain ingredients like zinc oxide as they provide a physical barrier that sits on your skin, reflecting harmful UVA & UVB rays.

Rabia Recommends:

Bybi Day Defence 30+ SPF offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection with zinc oxide. Contains shea butter and aloe to soothe and hydrate and buriti oil to support and repair skin.


Autumn skincare doesn’t need to change too much if you’re already using good quality, customisable products. Simple tweaks and swaps are all you need to ensure that your skin stays healthy, glowing and protected.

Of course always listen to your skin. Skincare is intuitive and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for the other. However, the advice above should help you tweak and optimise your existing routine for the golden transitional season.

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