The Conscious Collective: The INCI List

 Whether you’re a seasoned and fully informed conscious beauty enthusiast or just beginning to dabble into the world of conscious, natural and ethical beauty, chances are you’ve come across INCI list.

The industry has really progressed in the last 5 years and today's beauty consumers are very savvy, making more informed decisions when it comes to the beauty products in their regime. 

Essentially the INCI list is an EU standardised library of Latin or scientific names for over 1600 ingredients which are most commonly used in personal care and beauty products. It offers a generic list names which transcends language barriers, making it easier to effectively and safely list all the ingredients in a beauty product.

The beauty of the INCI list is that not only do you have a full list of ingredients in a product but you can also roughly gauge the percentage of each ingredient in the entire formulations; ingredients are listed from highest to lowest percentage  in the overall makeup of the product formula.

In this episode, soapNskin co-founders Samar and Rabia talk with Karen from Blomma Beauty all about the INCI List.


This episode covers:

  • What is the INCI list?
  • Why is the INCI list so important?
  • The crucial role it plays in helping consumers distinguish between the high quality natural products from those that greenwash.





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