The Conscious Collective: How Hygienic are your Beauty Products?

Ever wondered how long you should keep your beauty products? Whether it's safe to use products that have been sitting on your beauty shelf for years?

The short answer is we should be treating our beauty products very much like our food, and take regular stock of unused items checking that they are still safe to use.

In this episode of The Conscious Collective, Karen from Blomma Beauty talks to Imogen, founder of Bumi as they unravel the do's and the dont's of your favourite beauty products' shelf life.

This episode talks about:

  • The difference between 'Period After Opening' (PAO) and 'Best Before End' (BBE)
  • When you should throw your beauty products away and stop using them.
  • The obligations of formulators and retailers.
  • Hints & tips on how to ensure your products stay fresh and bacteria free.


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