Conscious Beauty & Wellbeing: Self Care & Wellbeing During the Pandemic

In this episode of The Conscious Beauty & Wellbeing Podcast, we're sharing some of the self care lesson's we've learnt as a result of the UK lockdowns during the pandemic.
The past year has had a profound effect on our lives and has touched every aspect of them. We have gone through a living revolution, at times kicking and screaming and at other times sprinting and embracing. Good or bad, we have definitely become more mindful and appreciative of simplicity and back to basics lifestyles which have come with the advent of more time to play with. A concept that was becoming so sought after it was unachievable for many in the rat race that was life.
So where have we seen the biggest shift in lifestyles and what has the impact been?
Our awareness of our lifestyle instantly became apparent and, with many of us spending so much time at home, we tapped into a forgone era which we considered outdated and out of touch.
It was now about the simple things in life, which all started from home, instead of outsourcing to clubs, centres, spas and the like. We were now in control of our own lifestyles and we were calling the shots completely.
Tied into this were shifts in our skincare and beauty regimes. Beauty & Skincare was now all about ‘skinimalism’ which came off the back of a simpler more sustainable lifestyle as a whole and made Natural Glam far more appealing. The need to look flawless and polished had gone with working from home face to face had become screen to screen and, quite frankly, there were more important things to worry about!
We were not looking for the best coverage, or the most effective contour, or any make up for that matter, instead we were looking for a holistic approach which made us feel better and look better for the longer term. Becoming more in tune with the various aspects of wellbeing and how each one affects the other, our lives embraced fitness, meditation, breathing, the great outdoors etc
Beauty also became more about rituals and experiences rather than just quick applications and, because purchasing power was limited due to many of us being broke, people saw a great option in multi-use products that performed really well but also, delivered on price.
People were more willing to spend on nutrition and nutritional health as opposed to make up and skincare. More people were realising the importance of strengthening immunity and internal wellness in order to look and feel better.
This coincided with the ‘wellterior’ trend which saw people spending more and more time decorating their homes to enhance the wellness experience within their own space-cue the ‘spathroom’ where according to Glamour mag, Pinterest recorded an increase of between 65% & 145% in various bath time experiences.
People didn’t stop at this, however. They also invested more time on other aspects of their lives including fitness, leisure activities i.e. regular nature walks which involved more time with immediate family and many took advantage of getting more sleep. of course the flip side was that many also struggled in this area as, for many routines were thrown completely off track. Bedtimes became later and later and many felt anxious with the current situation.
The past year has seen more sustainable practices coming into lifestyles. Predominantly stemming from the need to be more frugal, as consumers feel the strain on their finances many are wasting less, shopping local, not traveling as far afield and of course a dramatic fall in the use of cars has seen a reduction in pollution.
To sum up, consistent, simple routines coupled with sensual experiences are sought after with a reduced impact on the planet and a more meaningful and accessible approach to wellness and wellbeing
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