Conscious Beauty & Wellbeing: Winter Skincare

As you know we’re huge advocates of all things natural beauty and in recent weeks the weather, in particular, hasn’t been too kind.

So we thought that we’d share our Winter Skincare regimes with you.

As the seasons change the products that we use will tend to change to – our skin’s needs vary from season to season and so switching out products and incorporating others into our regimes helps skin to feel nourished, radiant and healthy.

In this episode of Conscious Beauty & Wellbeing, hosts Samar and Rabia talk to Karen from Blomma Beauty about their personal winter skincare regimes.

The episode focuses on:

  • What does your skin need in the Winter months?
  • Problems you tend to face during the colder weather?
  • How do the products you cleanse with change/adapt during winter? Favourite winter cleanser/cleansing method.
  • Purpose of toner in a regime. Winter Toners of choice.
  • What to look for in your winter moisturiser? What should you avoid? Layering your moisturisers?
  • What to look for in your Winter SPF? Mineral vs chemical spfs.
  • Night time routine Vs Day time routine.
  • Winter Must have – can’t live without ingredient/product

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